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Julian is going to hospital. He has to have an operation and stay the night. Of course Julian is a bit scared, but the nurses are so kind. And the doctors explain exactly what is going to happen.

·  hospital admission  ·   text & illustrations: Sanne Miltenburg  ·  animated film ·   4+ years    ·   24 pages   ·   Lees Me Voor, 2013  ·  in commission by the opdracht voor Haga Kinderziekenhuis 

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'Such a beautiful, informative story and great that the difficult words haven't been avoided. It's certainly read very fast, I like slow :-) The illustrations are beautifully clear and match the story well. This is a story-time must read for every teacher who deals with the hospital!'
Hanneke Meine



'I am a mother of five children and I work in the creche, this book I can just keep playing again and again. Nobody gets bored.'
a mother


'Hello the story is super! Now I can show it to my class, they also have somebody in the class who has to have an operation. Now they can see what will happen to their friend. Super, thank you.'

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