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                publication 11/11                    

There’s an old lady in Youri's village who never laughs and always wears black clothes. The village children call her 'the grumbly witch'. Youri is scared of her, but this Christmas he unexpectedly gets to know her better.

  Christmas, prejudices  ·  text & illustrations: Sanne Miltenburg  ·  E-book for iPad  ·   5-10 years ·   26 pages   ·   € 0,99   ·   AppIt, 2013


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Reader responses (selection) 

'A story full of atmosphere. Lovely for the children to get in the Christmas spirit. The message in the story also comes across well.'



'I think it's a sweet, slightly old-fashioned (in a good way!) story because an image of the past is visualized.'


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