Publications I have worked on as
-author and illustrator 

Some publications are available on Rootz, a free reading and games app for iPad. Publication prices on the app vary from €0.99 to €2.69.


Is autumn forthcoming!

Rabbit and Hedgehog are best friends. Hedgehog hibernates every year, as soon as he spots the first red autumn leaf. Rabbit doesn't want to be without his friend for such a long time. Couldn't he hide autumn?



The Daddy Store 

What to do with a boring daddy? Exchange him in the Daddy Store, of course! There you can choose between many nice dads. Or is your old daddy the best one after all? A comical and familair picture book about dads and their sons.


Give me a Tail!

Nikki really wants to draw animals. But they go wrong. Before she knows what is happening, she ends up in the world of her own drawing. And then the adventure begins! Can she help the unfinished animals?


Off to Juliana Children’s Hospital 

Julian is going to hospital. He has to have an operation and stay the night. Of course Julian is a bit scared, but the nurses are so kind. And the doctors explain exactly what is going to happen.


Lola on the Moon

Lola can't sleep. Her parents are arguing! Lola looks out of her window and quietly makes a wish. And then...


Ice Cream Girl

Roos is given four coins to buy a large ice cream at the market. On her way to the ice cream van, she encounters some people who are in need of a coin. But, is Roos willing to share?


Let's Take a Look!

Experience the seasons with this picture-packed book. The questions and searches help toddlers and preschoolers expand their vocabulary. 


My Little Big World

A picture book full of bright illustrations for toddlers and preschoolers. The pictures tell about recognisable situations in the world they live in: playing on the farm, romping in the snow, games with grandma and grandpa.



Hello Animal!

In this book you will find 12 everyday animals such as pets and farm animals with colourful and simple illustrations so your child can recognize its favourite animals. For the youngest children. 



Just Seven Days To Go

Seven stories about Sinterklaas and his helpers with fun illustrations. They have quite an adventure. The ship full of presents is plundered by pirates, Sinterklaas loses his glasses and his horse, Amerigo, is scared of heights... Read on to find out if it all works out!


Mrs Grumbly's Christmas

There’s an old lady in Youri's village who never laughs and always wears black clothes. The village children call her 'the grumbly witch'. Youri is scared of her, but this Christmas he unexpectedly gets to know her better.