• Exaggerated poses and emotions
  • Sometimes flexible limbs and dot eyes
  • Facial features can be left out (ears, nose).
  • Between cartoon and realistic
  • Shapes are simplified or emphasized. For example, larger eyes than in real life or a head of hair is not shown in detail but as a solid form.
  • This style is closest to reality
  • Facial features and hair are drawn with a reasonable amount of detail and do not exceed ‘realistic’ sizes.

I work with three main styles: cartoon, stylised and realistic. Within each style there is room for variation: for example, a character can be given big eyes or dot eyes. I use the stylised approach most frequently. Sometimes styles are combined to create a new look.

Copy existing style or technique
It is often possible to copy an existing style or technique for an illustration project. This may be necessary if the original illustrator withdraws and a series still has to be completed in a similar style. I have done this for a series of puzzles, book covers, a revised edition of a sports book, a children's book and a picture book. This is all done in close collaboration with any entitled parties.

'The cover of Sportklimmen fits the Sport Impulse Series perfectly. It's also great that she adjusted the colouring according to the client’s wishes. Sanne has excellently applied the style of the existing illustrations, meaning the reprint with new illustrations will remain beautifully unified.'

Janneke Westermann, Editor, Arko Sports Media

A suitable style & technique for each project
As I am skilled at different styles and techniques, I take on a diverse variety of projects. You can specify which style you prefer for a project, or I choose the most appropriate style & technique for the project in consultation with you. 

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