Your illustration fee

Included in the illustration fee
• project advice

• desired adjustments after the sketch, development and final phases (within terms feedbackphases)
• choice of max 3 sketch proposals per illustration
• for modest circulation*: licence (right to use the illustration) for the chosen medium
(*per medium, such as for example a book, determined in consultation)

How much will your illustration cost?

Before I can give an indication of price, I need the following information:

1 content
How many poses/objects do you want (approximately) in your illustration? In the foreground and background? 

2 complexity
Do you want a style/technique/size which diverges from my current work*? Does additional preparatory research need to be done? (for example: an historic story) Do you want the illustration in black and white, shades of grey/roughly coloured or in full colour?

3 size
On which format will the illustration be used? For example: 10 x 10 cm or A3 format.

4 usage
How will you use the illustration? For example, in a book, as a puzzle, on a website or flyer? In which circulation?

5 total Number of Illustrations
How many illustrations do you want in total? (for bigger series a quantity discount may apply)
6 deadline
Is there a deadline for delivery of the illustration?

* drawing additional details or developing a new drawing style or technique can take extra time, as a result of which the fee may differ.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with this information so I can give you a price indication. If you agree with this proposal I'll send you a more detailed proposal with the project agreements.

You don't know exactly the number or type of illustrations you need?
No problem! I can help make the right choices for your project with the information you do have.