LIST OF PUBLICATIONS (text & illustrations):

Give me a Tail!

Off to the Juliana Children Hospital

Lola on the Moon

Ice Cream Girl

Mrs Grumbly's Christmas Just Seven Days To Go



Give me a Tail! (2014)
Rootz Family

'A funny, playful and educational story for toddlers and preschoolers.'
'A colourful and surprising story. It lets young children observe with pleasure: what are the animals missing? The lost page encourages drawing and adding.'
'The illustrations are colourful and dynamic, and really encourages your to go and discover things in the drawings together with your child. The story is so well visualised that it can even be followed without text. This book makes you feel like going off to draw (together)!'



Off to the Juliana Children Hospital (2013 animated version)

'I am a mother of five children and I work in the creche, this book I can just keep playing again and again. Nobody gets bored.'
a mother
'All very well made. The story is simple and nicely animated. It's too bad everything goes a bit too fast, you have to listen to the story three times to see and hear everything. The drawings are lovely, bright and clear! Once again something to be proud of!!'

'It was a very nice story my nephew listened to it four times and he'll listen to it again.'

'Such a beautiful, informative story and great that the difficult words haven't been avoided. It's certainly read very fast, I like slow :-) The illustrations are beautifully clear and match the story well. This is a story-time must read for every teacher who deals with the hospital!'
Hanneke Meine

'Hello the story is super! Now I can show it to my class, they also have somebody in the class who has to have an operation. Now they can see what will happen to their friend. Super, thank you.'
'This nice story is wonderful.' 
Mario Bros



Lola on the Moon (2005 dummy / 2010 animated version / 2013 Ebook)
Leesmevoor/Rootz Family

'This fits perfectly into my subject 'space' and the fact the parents of one of toddlers are going through a divorce. I will use it today!!'
preschool teacher
'Hello make new books quickly.'
'My children love it.'
'The moving images are really well done. It gives an extra dimension to the story. And all ended well with the parents! What a lot can be achieved by children.'
'Well done!'
Sara (11 jaar)
'I like your books because I think they are lovely.'
'I think Lola on the Moon is beautiful'
Wende Rahmon (6 jaar)
'Hello, you've made a beautiful Picture Book!!'
Unknown (no name written)
'Unbelievably beautiful. You'll definitely make it.'
'Really beautiful work! I hope to see more of your work in the future.'


Ice Cream Girl (2003 dummy/2010 animated version/2013 Ebook)
Leesmevoor/Rootz Family

'Superb story, I'll definitely use it. The story isn't that long, but there are a lot of pictures. But the pictures are very beautiful.'
'Nice story!! In my opinion every story should be this long (or longer even!). Lovely!!' 

'Wonderful story with a beautiful message!! And definitely not too long!'

'This is really the best story till now.'
'I am full of sympathy! Really beautiful story!'
'Good example for little ones.'

'Very funny illustrations told and what a good story!'




Mrs Grumbly's Christmas (2013 Ebook)
Rootz Family

'A story full of atmosphere. Lovely for the children to get in the Christmas spirit. The message in the story also comes across well.'

'I think it's a sweet, slightly old-fashioned (in a good way!) story because an image of the past is visulaized.'



Just Seven Days To Go (2013 Ebook)
Rootz Family

'Stories with humour and fluently written for little children to get into the Sinterklaas mood. Recommended to put in the shoe...!'