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Client Reactions

'It’s great to work with Sanne, we really appreciate her flexibility and her style suits us perfectly.
Iris van Vansteelant
Commissioning Editor Clavis

'Sanne works accurately and keeps in contact throughout the project, so we never have any surprises. The quality is high and she anticipates well which style best suits the story.'
Gerard van Gemert

'We are very happy about our collaboration with Sanne: beautiful drawings, perfectly converting the information into images, delivering on time without complications.'
Melania Simon
Editorial Office Noordhoff Publishers

'Very clear sketches delivered on time, so we had plenty of time to ask for adjustments when needed. The target group of children from 10-12 years suits you very well. A young and energetic drawing style, which is definitely very attractive. Beautiful characters and lots of wonderful detail in the illustrations so that they really complement and strengthen the story. Super book! Very attentive and careful in your communication. You do that really very well. I will definitely ask you next time a nice project comes our way.’
Janina Loeve 
Graphic Designer Delubas

'We are very happy with the drawings and the way in which the hospital has been worked into the illustrations and the site. They have made the site really very beautiful!'
Richard Pflug 
Senior Communications Adviser HagaZiekenhuis

'The delivery, planning and billing of the assignments was great. I think the final illustration of the huskies was even better then the illustration for the Christmas puzzle. The style you used for the first spread was cleaner and I like that more.’
Gerdi van Rest
Chief Editor Zwijsen

'Very good communication, you responded quickly, adjustments we processed well. The figures were drawn in a 'free' style, because of that they contain a lot of action, which is very important for this publication.'
Dic Houthoff
Syllabus Developer SLO

'Communication was very good. The project went quickly, well and effectively. The illustration work is great for this book. It will appeal to the children who are going to read it, but also to the adults. I did have to get used to delivery via WeTransfer.'
Ted Beute
author Jan Luiting Foundation

'Sanne responds very quickly and clearly. Interaction between the illustrator and the editor was very pleasant. She also works very precisely and is very punctual in the development of the assignments. In short: pleasant to work with.'
Froukje ten Hove
De Banier

'The cover of Sportklimmen fits the Sport Impulse Series perfectly. Sanne's initiative to look for a new sample photo (the samples delivered weren't suitable) was appreciated by all clients (author, JLF)! It's also great that she adjusted the colouring according to the client’s wishes. Sanne has excellently applied the style of the existing illustrations, meaning the reprint with new illustrations will remain beautifully unified.'
Janneke Westermann
editor Arko Sports Media


'Smooth communication and clear agreements, good job!'
Miriam Borgermans

author Clavis

'The planning was very good. In spite of the short period of time that was available everything was delivered on time and went well. I didn't have a clear visual image of the illustration I wanted, but the result is exactly what I wanted.'
Ethel Pennings
professional organizer
Pennings Professional Organizing

'It was very educational for the children and they felt very involved. Your drawings are very appealing. They are colourful, beautiful, full of atmosphere and they spoke to the children'
(reaction to Children's Books Week presentation)
Everdien van Loenen
Teacher Christelijke Airborne School

'Original, professional and very creative work – and totally in line with our wishes! Communication went well, when conflict seemed to arise you reacted very well, we appreciate that!'
Jessica van den Bogerd
Designer FSIN

'Contributing to and empathising with the project, you completed the assignment well. The different feedback phases worked well, making space for a lot of involvement. Clear style, for a younger target group (as far as I know) both moving and funny. It can sometimes be a little less concrete sometimes, but there was no place for that in our assignment.'
Jacco Minnaard
Project Worker Nederlands Philharmonisch Orkest

'Sanne responded quickly and was clear in her possibilities and decisions. The combination of different drawing techniques really appealled to me. Working so child-directed (recognisable, clear colours, playful) is also attractive. You did forget to send the requested cc with one mail, but it's a minor detail.'
Gerard Stoop
Coordinator Club Magazine AVSprint

'Sanne listens incredibly well. Besides that it isn't easy to take on two quick weekend assignments in a row and still deliver good results, but it went just fine.'
Herbert van Hoogdalem
Creative Director Purple Cows Unlimited

'Sanne works very accurately and in line with the assignment, she had understood the client's wishes well. There was also very good communication regarding uncertainties.'
Cahrin van Jaarsveld
Editor Takes Media


'Communication is good, Sanne listens and is flexible.'
Benny van de Broek
Coordinator Range Sports Judobond Nederland

'Yes, nice drawings which meet our expectations. Also fast in meeting agreements and making drawings. We will use you again another time.'
Hilde Moolhuijsen
Policy Advisor, Living Association Wonen Breburg

'We're very pleased. Happy with your effort and involvement! And great that the planning was completed in such a short time!'
Willian Pijnenborg
Board, Campanella Music Association 

'Sanne is creative, inventive, and her illustrations are anything but static. Her use of colour and expression create charm and there is always movement. Timely delivery is of immeasurable value in terms of workflow and Sanne always delivered within the deadline. Bravo! I think that Sanne is very versatile, and perhaps her absolute specialism is making work for a young, dynamic target group.'
Marianne Witvliet
Erdee Media Groep

'Sanne always delivers on time, often very quickly. She draws in a light, smooth style, almost cartoonish. This suited the project "Mart and Meike" very well. Sanne always took good note of the text, so that her illustrations also tied in with the story. Important for children!'
Lijda Hammenga
Erdee Media Groep

'Communication is very good, always fast and friendly reactions! Sanne has an original, smooth and contemporary style. We can use that, because we want to appeal to children today and furthermore like variation (the material) in our magazine.'
Jeannette Wilbrink-Donkersteeg
Editor Erdee Media Groep

'Planning is good, everything is always neatly finished on time. Great to see the strip cartoon in concept and to provide additional comments.'
Janet van Nieuwenhuizen
Magazine Manager Gymmagazine KNGU


'Sanne has a nice style: hand-drawn sketches, coloured, sometimes digital. Fast and smooth. Mainstream (ideal for the educational market) but fresh and just that little extra speed and therefore excitement. If I was a buyer I would use you a lot. From the other comments on your site I can see that you are also ideal to work with. Actually you suit all subjects (secondary school, subjects, A-levels, everything seems to go fine). You're a good illustrator. The larger drawings are sometimes just like a toy, you almost want to pick the characters up to play with.'
Karim Moumen


'Sanne is very professional and she has worked with great dedication and commitment on the project. The result is stunning. Thanks for the excellent cooperation.'
Christine Ritoe
author Tzolkin Publicaties en Producties

'Communication is definitely one of Sanne’s major strengths. If there is any misunderstanding, she tries to help out as soon as possible. The planning is very clear. Gave a good level of understanding on the various steps in the process. Sanne understands the wishes of the client. We feel that Sanne can use lots of styles and techniques. We have chosen a particular style that has worked to our great satisfaction."
Mirjam Landwier
publisher Mimambo

'Sanne listened very carefully to our needs. Great delivery via Wetransfer in different versions and file types.'
Lisanne de Vaan
Student, pedagogics Kleur kinder en jeugdzorg


'Was kept well informed of progress, delivery and costs.'
Jaco van der Nat

'Contact was quick and good, appropriate adjustments were made immediately. Even though I'm doing my best, I cannot think of anything negative. The style and technique used in the project is the result of consultation. Incidentally, a difficult choice, because all your different styles appeal to me enormously. We are extremely pleased with the entire project. Not a moment’s regret that we chose you for the design and implementation of the birth of Wik! “
Rolf Hofkes
private individual